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KAN International Education

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Together we KAN

We are a team of educators with numerous years of experience in teaching, educational research & training, educational administration and international education, aptly equipped to appropriately serve the needs of all stakeholders in the field of international education - Highschool counselors, international universities and students. Team KAN possesses immense exposure in brainstorming, spearheading and successfully executing numerous activities pertaining to virtual and physical student outreach, international higher-ed connect, student advising and higher-ed research and training. 


Outreach is Passion


KAN IntelEd envisions creating a global pool of international education professionals, highschool counselors and potential international students that are empowered simultaneously to engage with each other enabling appropriate knowledge exchange and mutual benefits.


KAN IntelEd aims at eliminating all barriers between students, counselors and international universities enabling a transparent, ethical and sustainable co-working environment. Simultaneously, making international recruitment and collaboration for international universities hassle-free, productive and sustainable.

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